The Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care is a registered charity. We need your support to help fund our services, including hospice and palliative care to patients with life-limiting illnesses, trainings to health care workers, bereavement support to the bereaved, public education and advocacy work.

In particular, the Jockey Club Home for Hospice – the new hospice centre that brings forth a new era in caring for patients with life‐limiting illness, requires the ongoing generosity of community members so that more patients can be benefited from our service.

Ways to Support

While the ways to support our work and mission vary, every dollar you contribute will go a long way in helping to advance the hospice movement in Hong Kong. You may choose to:

  • Make a one-off donation
  • Become a regular monthly giver
  • Become a corporate supporter
  • Partake in fundraising activities
  • Provide pro bono or in-kind assistance
  • Volunteer your time and skills
  • Advocate the need of hospice and palliative care

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