Change and loss is an inevitable part of life. In different stages of life, we experience different losses: loss of possessions, loss of relationships or even loss of self. Every loss causes painful emotions but at the same time it can bring new opportunities for personal growth. When it comes to the loss of our beloved, however, the intense pain and anxiety one experiences are beyond words.

Bereavement Support

Jessie and Thomas Tam Centre (JTTC) has been established since 1997. “Those who died could rest in peace whilst those who stay could be at ease” is the motto of our Centre. We provide comprehensive grief and bereavement care and support services to the dying patients, the family caregivers and the bereaved. The mission of the Centre is, as the Chinese name of the Centre, “to bring peace in a homelike environment to the needed”.

In 2017, The Jockey Club Home for Hospice has become the SPHC’s second community bereavement counseling centre.

Our services include:

  • Individual and family counselling
  • Bereavement groups
  • Gatherings for the newly bereaved
  • Festive Remembrance services
  • Alumni-based support groups
  • Volunteer services
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