Our Mission

Our Mission

The Society believes that everyone has the right to live with dignity at every turn of their life, even towards the end of it. We envision a world in which all people can pursue a quality hospice and palliative care and receive bereavement support that enable them to live a full, positive life when facing death and die with dignity and peace.

Every dollar raised will advance the hospice movement in Hong Kong

We need your support to help fund our services, including hospice and palliative care to patients with life-limiting illness, bereavement support programmes, public education and advocacy work. 

Are you looking for hospice and palliative care services?

Patients who have an incurable, life-limiting advanced and progressive disease where the focus of care has shifted from curative to palliative living can be referred for our care services. Call us at (852) 2331 7000 for more information.

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Voices of Love

Sharing from Steven


My sisters, brother and myself decided to tell our dearest mother about her medical condition on 2 September 2017 at

23 Nov


(Chinese Only) 爸爸被確診末期肺癌,隨即轉送至腫瘤科病房,在病房首兩天,看見鄰床病人一個接一個的離逝,爸爸頓時情緒失控,巴不得要爬床逃脫,弄得護士將他綑綁在床,不讓他胡亂彈動,像是失去自由一樣,我看見他沮喪的神情,感到非常痛心!這次經歷,讓我們首次體會到患上末期病的爸爸所面對的恐懼。 (more…)

4 Sep

When entering the Jockey Club Home for Hospice

(Chinese Only) 寬敞明亮恬靜的環境,柔和溫暖的佈置,像家一樣的氣味,護士真誠關切的微笑,令心中的鬱結及沮喪頓時放下,我們確信沒有找錯地方。

臨終護理時有聽聞,但從沒親身體會,「長輩」能在這充滿關愛及優美的環境裡善終,是我們一家的恩典! (more…)

25 May

Granny Yiu – A journey heavy laden or filled with delights?

Downcast at the approach of the final days on earth, many patients wish to leave cold hospital wards to spend

31 Mar

Uncle Woo composing the last song together

Having suffered from cancer for a prolonged period, 69-year-old Uncle Woo needed substantial assistance to go about just an ordinary

28 Mar

Love is strong as death

(Chinese Only) 今天,2017年3月11日的早上,我和弟弟親手抱著爸爸的骨灰,撒下紀念公園! 身旁的媽媽仍哭著問:爸爸為何要早走!? 就在那一刻,天使化身成一隻白色的小蝶,慢慢飛到我們送給爸爸的白玫瑰上,給了我們點點心靈安慰!爸爸在天堂,一定好想我們知道,他像小蝶般,自由自在,不再痛苦! (more…)

11 Mar

Our Centres

Main Office
Jockey Club Home for Hospice,
No 18, A Kung Kok Shan Road, Shatin, Hong Kong

Jessie and Thomas Tam Centre
Room 316–318, Lai Lan House, Lai Kok Estate,
Kowloon, Hong Kong

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